501.legion / Nicola Hahn

Games and Politics

International exhibiton by the Goethe Institut about political videogames.

My tasks:
- Presenting four games to the audience
- Recording and editing video footage


gtaRL (german)

German GTA V Multiplayer server on GT:MP-basis.

My tasks:
- Projectlead
- Programming


Planet Switch (german)

News-website and YouTube-Channel about the Nintendo Switch and it's games!

My tasks:
- Writing news and reviews
- Recording and editing video footage

Website YouTube-Channel

RocketBeans TV (german)

24/7 Livestreaming-Channel on YouTube and Twitch.

My tasks:
- Moderating the chats
- Programming the moderation tool and Chat-Bots
- Administrating and organizing the RocketBeans TV CS:GO-League

Website YouTube-Channel Twitch-Channel

Vergehen (german)

An Opera which will composed as you walk - iOS and Android App.

My tasks:
- Programming the app
- Managing GPS and Audio data

Website PlayStore (Android) AppStore (iOS)

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